8 Types of Identity Theft to Be Aware Of


Financial Identity TheftDo you still kind of think that identity theft is one of those things that doesn’t really happen to anyone except for those dumb enough to give their social security numbers to win the Nigerian lottery? Think again. Identity theft is happening to people of all demographic and economic backgrounds – from newborns to the elderly, regardless of income or anything else. According to the most recent Javelin report, identity theft in the U.S. is at 12.6 million instances (and the true number of instances is probably much higher when you take into account the cases that go unreported). Identity theft can wipe out your checking account or tax refund, max out your credit and insurance, ruin your credit rating, make getting a job, healthcare or government benefits impossible and more. It can take years to repair. The scarier fact is that there is no way to 100% avoid identity…

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