Are you Protecting Your DIGITAL Afterlife?


socialnetworkingOUR SOCIETY has emerged into a bubble of social media, where the law of reciprocity demands that each smiling emoticon be matched with another; and our identities rest in the clutches of hashtags, followers, and “likes.”


Take a moment to consider the wide array of online profiles and accounts that are floating around cyber space; bearing your name, personal information, communications, blogs, stored files, and so on. What happens to our online identities when we are gone? Who will receive access to your email, blog, and social media accounts? Who will receive the assemblage of filtered “selfies,” food pics, and the 800 photos of your dog on instagram?

With all jokes aside, social media & digital assets are all encompassing in our daily lives. Whether it be for work, school, home, or purely social purposes; our digital assets are incredibly valuable, & should be considered with the rest of…

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