Being the Better Ex – How to Rise above the Divorce Drama

Divorce The Drama


One of the first things we learn as kids from our parents or teachers is how to deal with bullies. Ignore them and they will stop. In other words, stop feeding into their drama and they will get bored with it. Who knew this may someday serve as seriously great advice for adult situations such as dealing with nasty behavior from an ex while going through a divorce.

It can be easy and tempting to want to lash out with the same level of terrible behavior. In fact, to really get back at the ex we have to sort of “one up” them and act even nastier. So who’s winning because I forgot to keep score?

The truth is no one “wins” when the drama gets amped up during a divorce. If it really is over, why not try to leave with a shred of dignity? When you get tempted…

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