The Ten Commandments of Personal Finance

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Maybe you heard about that Kelton study from 2007 that found Americans were more familiar with the contents of a Big Mac than they were the Ten Commandments.

It’s true. Eighty percent of Americans knew there are two all-beef patties in a Big Mac — but just 6 in 10 could identify “Thou shalt not kill” as one of the Ten Commandments.

Most of us know a Big Mac has two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions — all on a sesame seed bun, no less — but how many of you can name even eight of the Ten Commandments?

Here is a different set of 10 Commandments – the 10 Commandments of Personal Finance. If you can faithfully follow these 10 little nuggets of financial wisdom every day, think how much further ahead you could be:

1. Spend less than you earn

It’s the first…

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