WILL you make a WILL?

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ImageAn article published in the Sydney Morning Herald urges readers not to “Risk a DIY Will”.  There is a growing trend to do it yourself with the availability of various documents and templates online, making writing your own Will SEEM easy and cheap.

However, seeking advice from a qualified professional is the best way to go.  After all, if your car is broken, you see a mechanic – you don’t google a form to fix it.  If you need a Will, you should see someone who knows the ins and outs of it.  That way you know you are covered and can literally Rest In Peace!


Here’s why you should seek legal advice on writing a will. (Courtesy SMH)

1 Your affairs are more complex than you think Drafting a will can be complicated, no matter the size of the estate. Nearly all of us have superannuation but this…

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