Some ID thieves targeting children, who have no credit

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — For years, identity theft has been on the rise, and there is no age limit! It is a costly lesson for some families. 

Three different women are accused of writing bad checks in some well-known stores. Postal inspectors say the suspects stole the identities of children, and opened accounts in their names.

“They knew they had no credit. So, that way they could use the kids` information to go out and get credit and make whatever purchases they wanted,” U.S. Postal Inspector Cecil Frink said.

Inspectors say the ringleader recruited people down on their luck to help in his scam. He would make fake IDs for his recruits that used their photos and the names and addresses of the kids whose identities were stolen.

“They were able to open accounts and write checks then went around to different merchants and wrote checks knowing they…

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