Is the Apple 5S iPhone’s Fingerprint Technology Secure?

Evans on Marketing

Apple has widely touted the new fingerprint login technologyfor its recently released iPhone 5S.

But there are many questions over how secure the technology is. For example,hackers in Germany already claim to have discovered how to create a fake finger to beat the security.

And in a report for the UK’s Independent, Heather Saul notes that:

“A U.S. senator has voiced his concerns over the security of fingerprint recognition technology used in Apple’s new iPhone 5S, arguing that the tool raises ‘substantial privacy questions.’ In an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Senator Al Franken addressed a series of questions to the company regarding security issues with Apple Touch ID. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on privacy, technology, and the law argues that if a hacker were to get hold of a fingerprint, they can use it to impersonate the owner’s identity for…

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