If You Should Pass Suddenly, Is Your House In Order?

Keeping You Informed

If you should pass suddenly, is your house in order to care for your loved ones?  For most people, the answer is “probably not.”  We are all getting older and so are our parents.  Not to mention the freak accidents that may occur on any given day.

I don’t know how involved yours or your parent’s estate might be, but surprisingly, the average American family leaves an estate of about $150,000.  Once you sit down and start to catalogue the assets, you may be amazed at the number and value of assets that have accumulated over a lifetime together,  If you find that to be the case, then talk to a lawyer ASAP about estate planning because the Federal tax man takes a HUGE bite out of most estates.  Some parents are EXTREMELY uncomfortable talking to their kids about these matters, but it really needs to be done on some…

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