Computer Hacking Tricks Throughout the World

Hack Wifi in Your Spare Time

Since the dawn of the Internet, computer hacking has grown from a strange hobby for strange basement dweller types, to a multi million dollar industry filled with criminal masterminds, thieves, and spies. Check out the infographic below for a brief visual look at computer hacking across the world. “Cyberspace” really is the fifth domain of warfare, after land, sea, air, and space. Governments across the world are beginning a new arms race – not for nuclear weapons – but for silent cyber tools. Digital cruise missiles that are able to take out an enemy’s communications infrastructure (and anything else connected to the Internet) with a few simple mouse clicks.

e safety

Think about what all is connected to the Internet in some form or fashion:

– Electrical Power Grids

-Water Treatment Facilities

– Sewage Treatment Plants

– Power Plants

– Food Processing Centers

What’s one thing all these industrial staples have in…

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